How Much Does a Dog Cost? (Monthly and Lifetime)

In 2023, Household Pets produces an in-depth overview on the cost of owning a dog throughout its lifetime and per month. The results are astonishing, showing that with forecasted inflation, dog owners will need to budget carefully and plan ahead for future costs.

Key Finding - Owning a dog in the UK could cost you up to £106,948 over its lifetime.

Methodology (How Costs Are Calculated)

1) By using the prices of individual aspects available online, such as products on the Pets at Home website and listings on as well as other means, this report provides a comprehensive breakdown of the average cost of owning a dog throughout its lifetime.

2) The report is unique in that it looks into the cost of different sizes of dogs to provide an insight into the greater cost difference between the most and least expensive dogs.

3) Finally, with the use of an inflation forecast, Household Pets is able to accurately estimate the cost of owning a dog for 2024, 2025, 2026, and so on to give an accurate insight into the future cost of ownership.

This report aims to provide pet owners with the information they need to make an informed decision about which size of dog, if any, is best for them and their circumstances.


Broadly, the cost of owning a dog can be broken into overall lifetime costs, and average monthly costs.

We have split findings up by small to giant dogs, as they have different food/care needs, and different life expectancies – which changes the expected cost both on a lifetime and monthly timeline.

Lifetime Cost of Owning a Dog

Dog SizeMinimum Lifetime CostMid Lifetime CostMaximum Lifetime Cost
Small Pedigree (5-11kg | 12.5 years)£18,286.06£27,344.37£46,513.94
Small Crossbreed (5-11kg | 12.5 years)£17,636.06£27,044.37£46,318.94
Medium Pedigree (12-24kg | 11.5 years)£22,092.94£29,954.63£74,199.98
Medium Crossbreed (12-24kg | 11.5 years)£21,442.94£29,654.63£74,004.98
Large Pedigree (25-44kg | 10 years)£29,454.71£32,720.74£84,155.70
Large Crossbreed (25-44kg | 10 years)£28,804.71£32,420.74£83,960.70
Giant Pedigree (45 -70kg | 10 years)£39,721.36£41,025.97£106,948.40
Giant Crossbreed (45 -70kg | 10 years)£39,071.36£40,725.97£106,753.40

The lifetime costs include both initial one-off and ongoing costs.

Key Findings: Due to high initial costs, the first year is usually one of the most expensive of a dog's whole life.
Annual Cost of Owning a Dog

Monthly Cost of Owning a Dog

Dog SizeMinimum Monthly CostsMid Monthly CostsMaximum Monthly Costs
Small Pedigree (5-11kg | 12.5 years)£121.91£182.30£310.09
Small Crossbreed (5-11kg | 12.5 years)£117.57£180.30£308.79
Medium Pedigree (12-24kg | 11.5 years)£160.09£217.06 £537.68
Medium Crossbreed (12-24kg | 11.5 years)£155.38 £214.89 £536.27
Large Pedigree (25-44kg | 10 years) £245.46 £272.67 £701.30
Large Crossbreed (25-44kg |10 years) £240.04 £270.17 £699.67
Giant Pedigree (45 -70kg |10 years) £331.01 £341.88 £891.24
Giant Crossbreed (45 -70kg | 10 years) £325.59 £339.38 £889.61
Key Finding - Owning a dog could cost more per month than the average rent in seven regions of the UK.

Detailed Data – See All the Costs of Owning a Dog

Generally, the cost of owning a dog can be broken down into two main categories – initial costs and ongoing costs.

Initial costs include purchasing the dog, vet costs, and buying essential products, such as food, bed, toys, etc.

Ongoing costs refer to the regular costs associated with owning a dog, like vet boosters, food, insurance, and so on.

The tables below show the list of individual items bought when owning a dog and the costs of each.

Initial Costs

The initial costs will vary depending on the dog’s breed, the age of the dog, and also the quality of the products.

Generally speaking, dog owners can expect to pay anywhere from £1,209.57 to £12,661.50 in the first year of owning a dog.

Costs of the Puppy

Type of Dog BreedMinimum CostMid CostMaximum Cost
Pedigree Puppy£700.00£1,300.00£2,995.00
Crossbreed Puppy£50.00£1,000.00£2,800.00

The price of pedigree and crossbreed dogs differ; this is due to most pedigree dogs being more expensive than dogs that are crossbred.

For example, the minimum cost of buying a crossbreed puppy can be as little as £50, but a pedigree puppy would likely cost more than £700 at the cheapest price. This is a difference of £650.

This can change if the puppy is from a rescue organisation, such as Dog’s Trust, or if it is an adult dog.

In the first year of owning a puppy, which is often one of the most expensive years, it could cost up to £12,661.50. This first year includes the cost of the puppy, vaccinations, microchipping, neutering/spaying, insurance, food and other essential products, such as a bed, collar, lead, toys, etc.

Insurance and Vet Costs

ServiceMinimum CostMid CostMaximum Cost
Starter Pack (including health check, initial vaccinations, microchipping, flea and worming treatment)£75.00£75.00£75.00
Vaccination Booster£52.00£52.00£52.00

Insurance for puppies is often slightly more expensive than it is for one-year-old dogs. A year’s insurance for a puppy could see owners spend £279.60 on average. This, when coupled with neutering, initial vaccinations, microchipping, etc., could cost up to £678.

Other One-Off Initial Costs

ItemMinimum CostMid CostMaximum Cost
Car Seatbelt/Harness£3.00£29.00£95.00
Toilet Training Items£7.99£14.99£155.00

Ongoing Costs

The ongoing costs can also vary depending on the size and breed of the dog as well as the quality of the products bought.

Dog owners could spend between £17,636.06 and £106,948.40 throughout their dogs’ lives, according to data found by Household Pets.

After buying the dog in 2023, owners can expect to spend between £859.67 and £8,482.90 the next year, in 2024. With inflation, this annual is predicted to rise year-on-year.

Cost to Feed a Dog

Food is one of the most expensive aspects of the ongoing costs. Wet food for a full year could cost dog owners between £417.52 and £5,798.81, depending on the size of the dog. For example, giant dogs could consume 950kg of wet dog food annually, which is the equivalent of two female highland cows.

Monthly Dry Food Costs

Dog SizeMinimum Monthly CostMid Monthly CostMaximum Monthly Cost
Small Pedigree (5-11kg | 12.5 years)£4.98£25.45£60.27
Small Crossbreed (5-11kg | 12.5 years)£4.98£25.45£60.27
Medium Pedigree (12-24kg |11.5 years)£13.60£45.46£109.65
Medium Crossbreed (12-24kg | 11.5 years)£13.60£45.46£109.65
Large Pedigree (25-44kg | 10 years)£33.45£72.38£177.45
Large Crossbreed (25-44kg |10 years)£33.45£72.38£177.45
Giant Pedigree (45-70kg | 10 years)£37.96£100.08£227.14
Giant Crossbreed (45-70kg |10 years)£37.96£100.08£227.14

Monthly Wet Food Costs

Dog SizeMinimum Monthly CostMid Monthly CostMaximum Monthly Cost
Small Pedigree (5-11kg | 12.5 years)£34.79£38.60£62.45
Small Crossbreed (5-11kg | 12.5 years)£34.79£38.60£62.45
Medium Pedigree (12-24kg | 11.5 years)£64.07£53.60£226.29
Medium Crossbreed (12-24kg | 11.5 years)£64.07£53.60£226.29
Large Pedigree (25-44kg | 10 years)£153.64£94.55£362.43
Large Crossbreed (25-44kg | 10 years)£153.64£94.55£362.43
Giant Pedigree (45-70kg | 10 years)£222.05£133.74£483.23
Giant Crossbreed (45-70kg | 10 years)£222.05£133.74£483.23
Giant dogs consume 950kg of food each year, the equivalent of two female highland cows.

Lifetime Dry Food Costs

Dog SizeMinimum Lifetime CostMid Lifetime CostMaximum Lifetime Cost
Small Pedigree (5-11kg | 12.5 years)£747.41£3,817.32£9,040.94
Small Crossbreed (5-11kg | 12.5 years)£747.41£3,817.32£9,040.94
Medium Pedigree (12-24kg |11.5 years)£1,876.44£6,272.95£15,131.99
Medium Crossbreed (12-24kg | 11.5 years)£1,876.44£6,272.95£15,131.99
Large Pedigree (25-44kg | 10 years)£4,013.91£8,685.85£21,294.05
Large Crossbreed (25-44kg |10 years)£4,013.91£8,685.85£21,294.05
Giant Pedigree (45-70kg | 10 years)£4,555.67£12,009.06£27,257.18
Giant Crossbreed (45-70kg |10 years)£4,555.67£12,009.06£27,257.18

Lifetime Wet Food Costs

Dog SizeMinimum Lifetime CostMid Lifetime CostMaximum Lifetime Cost
Small Pedigree (5-11kg | 12.5 years)£5,218.95£5,789.33£9,367.43
Small Crossbreed (5-11kg | 12.5 years)£5,218.95£5,789.33£9,367.43
Medium Pedigree (12-24kg | 11.5 years)£8,841.85£7,396.32£31,228.31
Medium Crossbreed (12-24kg | 11.5 years)£8,841.85£7,396.32£31,228.31
Large Pedigree (25-44kg | 10 years)£18,437.18£11,345.73£43,491.10
Large Crossbreed (25-44kg | 10 years)£18,437.18£11,345.73£43,491.10
Giant Pedigree (45-70kg | 10 years)£26,646.43£16,048.23£57,988.14
Giant Crossbreed (45-70kg | 10 years)£26,646.43£16,048.23£57,988.14

Cost of Insurance

Throughout a dog’s life, insurance costs could increase more than five times between the first puppy payment to the annual payment for a 13-year-old dog. As stated previously, a puppy can be insured for just £279.60, but a dog owner might pay as much as £1,714.67 in 2036 when the dog is 13 years old.

Other Ongoing Costs

ItemMinimum Annual CostMid Annual CostMaximum Annual Cost
Poo Bags£15.00£126.00£258.00
Flea, Tick, and Worm Treatment£54.00£94.00£132.00

Final Words

There are costs of owning a dog that are not included in this report, including emergency vet fees, boarding kennels, dog walkers, or training classes.

Owning a dog is an incredibly rewarding experience, but it is important to be aware of the financial commitments it entails.


Requests for Full Data


The data across our cost of pet ownership study took us hundreds of hours to research, analyse, filter and present the findings of. It is the most expansive and in-depth study into UK pet ownership costs anywhere online.

We are willing to share the full raw data with interested parties, however this is by request only. Please email [email protected] to ask for a copy and we will get back to you.