BorrowMyDoggy: What Dog Owners Should Know

Leaving your dog with a stranger can be an unpleasant thought, and it is one that many dog owners will have experienced at some point. Unfortunately, dogs can’t go everywhere their owners go, so finding an individual or service to watch your pet when you are unable to can be a useful idea. There are dog boarding kennels, dog sitting businesses, and dog walking services to choose from, although these choices might not seem to offer the personal touch.

One option available to dog owners is BorrowMyDoggy; this solution allows them to meet individuals in the area who can watch their dog and get to know each other before involving the dog. This article will provide further information on this dog-sharing service, including how it works, the cost, and more.

But first, it’s essential to understand just what BorrowMyDoggy is.

What is BorrowMyDoggy?

Founded in 2012 by Rikke Rosenlund, BorrowMyDoggy connects dog owners with people in their local area who can look after their pets. The service can be used to find someone to walk the dog or care for it over a weekend or holiday. It provides both parties with a great experience; owners get help caring for their dogs when they have other responsibilities, and borrowers get the enjoyment of a canine companion.

Dog owners often use BorrowMyDoggy when they need someone else to watch their dog. Some of the most common reasons include caring for the dog when the owner is on holiday, providing dog walks during work hours, or watching the dog when attending family functions or events.

Borrowers join this service for a range of reasons: to get more exercise, to reap the mental health benefits of spending time with a dog, to see how their children get on with dogs, and so on. Most commonly, each borrower is a dog lover who does not have their own dog.

How Does BorrowMyDoggy Work?

Whether you are looking for a dog walker or dog care when you are on holiday, you will find suitable matches using BorrowMyDoggy. As the dog’s owner, you will be pleased to know your dog’s safety is at the heart of every step when searching for dog walkers, sitters, or similar.

Anyone can join the BorrowMyDoggy community, but there are four steps to the process if you are a dog owner:

  1. Create a profile – To begin, select whether you are a dog owner or someone looking to borrow a dog. You must fill in all required information and upload your photo. This will be a basic membership at first.
  2. Browse the dog borrowers in your area – BorrowMyDoggy will display members in your area, and you can compare their listed availability with your needs. The members that are shown will depend on your profile.
  3. Complete safety checks and buy a Premium membership – To send and receive messages, you must pay the subscription cost and provide relevant details to be checked. These details will be checked to keep the community safe; this is essential for owners and borrowers alike.
  4. Message and meet up with the chosen borrower – You can spend time with the borrower to ensure they are the best match for you and your dog. BorrowMyDoggy recommends “members get to know each other really well” before the dog is introduced.

Is BorrowMyDoggy Safe to Use?

There are several safety features that premium members of the BorrowMyDoggy community benefit from. These features have been implemented to ensure all parties – the owner, borrower, and dog – are kept safe during the process.

Safety Checks Must Be Completed

The verification measures include checking individuals’ addresses and phone numbers if they wish to have a Premium membership. These safety checks allow BorrowMyDoggy to verify your identity. As safety is a priority for the service, this is required before you can contact other members.

Meet Before the Dog is Involved

Members should meet several times at a local park or similar area before involving the dog, and as the service recommends local borrowers, it is possible to conduct house visits, too. This allows pet owners to become comfortable with other members. Some people have found they make friends using this service, which means there is plenty of trust when leaving their dogs in the care of borrowers.

Includes Insurance Cover

Unlike dog boarding establishments, BorrowMyDoggy users do not need a boarding licence or their own insurance. If the borrower and owner are Premium members, the former is covered by Accident and Third-Party Liability insurance if an incident occurs when taking care of the dog.

However, if one or both memberships have lapsed, the insurance cover does not apply.

24/7 Vet Line is Available

With the Premium membership, members have access to a 24/7 vet helpline, which can provide advice and support. This service can also be used if there is an emergency.

Although following the service’s recommendations will help keep the dogs safe, as well as the owners and borrowers, dog owners should only select a borrower they feel comfortable with. To do this, they should feel free to ask questions about the member’s previous experience and observe interactions when the dog is first introduced.

How Much Does BorrowMyDoggy Cost?

Although the Basic membership is free, owners and borrowers have to pay an annual fee for Premium membership, allowing them to access the full BorrowMyDoggy service. For dog owners, the annual price is £44.99, while it is only £12.99 for individuals wanting to borrow a dog. These payments go to BorrowMyDoggy; there are no transactions between dog owners and borrowers.

Two dogs lying on the floor. Use BorrowMyDoggy to plan a playdate for dogs.

However, as it is included in their annual fee, dog owners can also be borrowers. This allows them to borrow a dog when they want to plan a playdate for their dogs or socialise puppies. It can also be a good opportunity to test the difference between single-dog ownership and owning multiple dogs before buying a second pup.

How Long Can Someone Borrow My Dog For?

The time someone can borrow your dog depends on your needs. If you require a dog walker for ad-hoc duties, this will likely be a shorter but more frequent agreement than if you need a person to care for your dog when you are on holiday.

Availability of dog borrowers can be checked when searching those local to you.

To Sum Up

BorrowMyDoggy has become a popular community in the UK. This service connects owners with local dog borrowers to create a “pawfect match.” As dogs are like family to their owners, the service considers your dog’s safety by conducting checks on all users. It continues to keep dogs safe by offering Third-Party Liability insurance and access to a vet line as part of the Premium membership.

Finding the perfect match for you and your pooch can be a win-win situation for everyone involved: you, as the owner, get to be dog-free for a short period, the borrower gets to spend time with a four-legged friend, and the dog gets extra walks and cuddles.

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