Felix Cat Food How Much to Feed a Cat

Felix Cat Food: How Much to Feed a Cat

Cats can be very food orientated sometimes, so you must feed your feline friend the right amount of food. Feeding them the correct quantity can help them during all life stages, enabling them to live active and healthy lives.

But knowing how much to feed cats depends on a few factors, such as the brand of the food and the individual cat’s activity levels. There are several brands of cat food – Whiskas, Sheba, and Felix, to name a few – and they all have different ingredients and nutritional additives to meet the needs of a cat’s diet, which is often the deciding factor when buying a particular food.

As a general rule, cats should be fed twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. Kittens, on the other hand, should be fed more often, every 3-4 hours. This can differ depending on the pet food brand chosen; in this post, we will focus on the Felix wet cat food brand.

To ensure cat owners know how much to feed of Felix cat food, this post will cover the wet food products available to buy from most pet stores. These will also be split into the life stages of a cat to cover the feeding guidelines for kittens, adult cats, and senior cats.

But firstly, what should cat owners know about the Felix brand?

What is Felix Cat Food?

Felix cat food: how much to feed

Felix is a popular English cat food owned by Nestlé Purina PetCare. Many people will be familiar with the animated black and white cat, Felix, who has been getting into mischief in television adverts for decades. It’s certainly proven to be popular, with more than one-third of all UK cats eating Felix meals regularly, as stated here.

This brand produces wet cat food with various flavours available, such as tuna, chicken, and salmon. These meals come in different forms, like jelly, gravy, or even soups. Purina prides itself on creating products that are made with high-quality ingredients, stating there is “something for every kitty, no matter their age or requirements.” Felix cat food products, like Felix As Good As It Looks, are also free from artificial colors, flavours, and preservatives.

Products created by this brand also contain an optimal balance of vitamins and minerals to ensure cats receive all the nutrition they need for a healthy life. The brand also has a range of wet food specifically designed for kittens, adults, and senior cats.

Felix Wet Cat Food

Although some cat owners prefer feeding dry food, the Felix brand only offers wet food products. Below are some of the benefits that wet cat food offers:


Cats tend to avoid drinking from still or standing water, so they might refuse to drink from a bowl. Wet food contains more moisture than dried food, providing cats with a proper water intake. However, fresh drinking water should be provided at all times.

Eating wet food is especially important for cats who do not drink enough water, as they may be more prone to urinary tract infections and other health issues.

Varied Diet

In addition to providing moisture, wet food can help cats remain interested in their diet. Eating the same dry food all the time can become boring for cats, so switching to wet food can help to keep them interested in their meals.

As mentioned, the Felix wet cat food range also comes in various flavours, such as turkey, chicken, and different types of fish. These meals are available to buy in multipack boxes, such as the selection in jelly or gravy. This is a great benefit because cat owners can swap out flavours often to keep their cats intrigued.

Maintain Muscle Mass

Protein is an important nutrient for cats, as it helps to maintain muscle mass and keep them active. Wet food is often higher in protein than dry food, so feeding cats wet food can help them maintain their muscle mass.

Felix Cat Food Feeding Guidelines

The feeding guidelines provided in this article depend on the cat’s healthy body weight and age. Kittens and younger cats will require more food to accommodate their growing bodies, while fully grown adults and seniors will require less. Younger and moderately active cats use up more energy, hence why they will require more feed.

Also, how much food you give to an indoor car might differ from what you give to an outdoor cat. This is due to your inability to monitor what exactly an outdoor cat is eating; outdoor cats can often disappear through the cat flap to visit neighbours for extra grub or even hunt for their own meals. On the other hand, some cat owners find it challenging to monitor how many pouches they have fed their indoor cats. Indoor felines can sometimes overfeed due to boredom, so keeping track of how much your cat is being fed is essential.

Any dry food or occasional treats that are given regularly should be taken into account when calculating how much a cat should be fed.

How Much Felix Wet Cat Food to Feed a Kitten

Felix kitten food

Kittens are constantly growing, so they need more calories and high-energy food to help them reach their full potential. Felix cat food can provide this.

Some people choose to free-feed their kittens, although this can be difficult to monitor if you have two cats or more. As they are growing and using up their energy quickly, kittens will require more food, meaning it is often encouraged to have an ample supply of wet kitten food on hand.

One wet kitten food that is great for keeping their energy levels up and supporting healthy growth is the Felix Wet Cat Food Mixed Selection in Jelly. This particular pack of cat food includes three pouches of each flavour, including chicken, cod, lamb, and plaice; each pouch is 100g. For kittens aged between six weeks and one year, this is the perfect diet.

Depending on the pouch flavour, Felix cat food will contain meat and animal derivatives (of which Chicken/Lamb 4%) or fish and fish derivatives (of which Plaice/Cod 4%) with various minerals and sugars. This ingredient composition is consistent throughout all Felix Original cat foods, including the adult and senior products discussed in this article.

This kitten food should be given to young cats as instructed below:

  • Aged 1.5 – 3 months: one to four pouches per day given in two or three meals
  • Aged 3 – 6 months: two to five pouches per day given in two meals
  • Aged between 6 – 12 months: three to five pouches per day given in two meals

Of course, these instructions are just guidelines; each kitten is different, and food quantities might need to be adjusted to suit their needs.

How Much Felix Wet Cat Food to Feed an Adult Cat

Once fully grown, roughly at one year old, cats can be fed a diet of foods manufactured for adult cats. Before looking at the Felix specifics, it’s essential to know how much a cat should weigh.

The ideal weight for an adult cat is between 4kg and 4.5kg, depending on the breed; larger cat breeds can weigh up to 11kg, while smaller breeds can weigh roughly 2.2kg. For more information on finding a cat’s ideal weight, click here. With that knowledge in mind, calculating the correct serving size will be much easier.

Although most of their growth has been done, adult cats still require a balanced diet. Felix Adult Wet Cat Food Mixed Selection in Jelly provides this. Again, there is a selection of flavours within each box; in this specific product, there is beef, chicken, tuna, and salmon. Each meal provides cats with omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins E and D, and minerals.

The recommendation for feeding this food to cats is based on the size of an average adult cat, weighing roughly 4kg. Cats of this weight should be given three pouches of this Felix cat food daily, ideally split between two meals. Again, this will vary depending on the requirements of the cat.

How Much Felix Wet Cat Food to Feed a Senior Cat

For cats aged seven and over, they will require a diet specifically for senior cats. As they slow down and age, they will need fewer calories and less fat in their diets. Ideally, the chosen senior cat food will contain 8% protein and 4% fat.

Unsurprisingly, Felix Senior 7+ Wet Cat Food Mixed Selection in Jelly provides just that; the analytical constituents of this pet food include 8.5% protein and 4.5% crude oils and fats. Not only are the nutritional requirements of older cats met, but this food includes beef, chicken, salmon, and turkey pouches, meaning it’ll be appetising, too.

The feeding guidelines for this senior cat food should be adapted to keep the cat’s healthy body weight, especially as older cats can become less active. For cats weighing roughly 4kg, they should eat between three to four pouches of food in two meals daily.

To Sum Up

Meeting a cat’s individual needs is an essential aspect of choosing the best food, no matter if it’s a kitten, adult cat, or senior. Felix cat food can be a great choice, as it offers a variety of flavours and offers cats the nutrition they need.

Regarding how much Felix cat food to feed cats, it’s best to consider the cat’s age, weight, and activity levels. As a general rule, kittens require more food as they are growing, while adult cats should receive three pouches of wet food daily. Lastly, senior cats will need fewer calories and less fat in their diet and should be given between three to four pouches.

Remember, talk to a vet for more information on how much to feed your cat; they can offer specific advice on your cat’s weight and overall health.

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