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The Yorkshire Vet: Everything You Need to Know About Mr and Mrs Green

The Yorkshire Vet is a much-loved docuseries in the UK that focuses primarily on Skeldale Veterinary Centre in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. The show follows two leading vets, Julian Norton and Peter Wright, who work with the veterinary practice’s staff to care for all animals in need.

Two fan-favourites of the TV show are Mr and Mrs Green, the oldest working farmers in the UK, who first featured on the programme in 2015 during a moment of turmoil. When The Yorkshire Vet first saw the Green family, Steve Green was in hospital for a hernia operation, and his wife, Jean Green, had to make the difficult decision to sell the family’s dairy herd without the help of their daughter, who had damaged her spine at the time.

The farming couple frequently appear on The Yorkshire Vet series when visited by their favourite vet, Peter Wright, much to the delight of viewers. But who are the Greens when they aren’t on TV?

Who Are Mr and Mrs Green From The Yorkshire Vet?

Mr and Mrs Green are active farmers who live on their farm near Thirsk. The couple are believed to live without modern luxuries, choosing instead to work 18-hour days and be relatively self-sufficient on the farm.

Steve and Jean Green have been married for over 40 years. The pair went on their first date when Jean was 27. Steve, who was born to a farming family, had employed Jean’s brother at the time, and the pair were married only three months and 10 days after Jean asked Steve out on a date, despite the couple’s age difference. In 2020, the couple decided to renew their wedding vows, and this special moment was shared on the TV programme.

They only have one daughter, Sarah, who lives on and helps around the family farm; Sarah also sometimes features on the TV show.

The couple are considered to be Peter Wright’s favourite clients, having known each other since 1982. Mr and Mrs Green now keep calves and own rescue donkeys, dogs, and cats.

How Old Are Mr and Mrs Green on The Yorkshire Vet?

Due to their active lifestyles as farmers, and Mr Green’s farming experience spanning over 70 years, fans of the show have frequently asked, “How old are Mr and Mrs Green on The Yorkshire Vet?” Their ages have never been confirmed, however.

How Old is Steve Green?

As of this year, Mr Green is 94 years old, making him roughly 22 years older than his wife, Jean. He is believed to be the oldest working farmer in the UK and shows no signs of slowing down yet.

How Old is Jean Green?

Mrs Green is 72 years old. Her 70th birthday was celebrated on the farm in 2021, with Peter Wright joining the party, as shown here.

But some viewers have always thought that Jean Green was older than her actual age; for example, when Mrs Green was in her 60s, fans of the show believed her to be in her 80s.

Which Episodes Feature The Greens?

Several episodes feature Mr and Mrs Green, but a few of the most memorable moments of the series include:

  • Episode 10, Series 8 – As Peter Wright tries to deliver 13 puppies and Julian Norton saves a sick guinea pig, Jean throws a surprise 90th birthday party for her husband.
  • Episode 2, Series 9: The Greens’ Story – In this special episode, the couple renew their marriage vows on the farm to celebrate their anniversary.

Where to Watch The Yorkshire Vet

Previous episodes of The Yorkshire Vet series are available to watch on the catchup service My5, which is free to use.

What Channel is The Yorkshire Vet On?

The Yorkshire Vet airs on Channel 5.

When is The Yorkshire Vet On?

Typically, The Yorkshire Vet is on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m.

When is the New Series of The Yorkshire Vet?

The latest season, the 17th season, of The Yorkshire Vet began airing on the 8th of August, 2023. There is no news if the programme will return for an 18th season yet.

However, there is news of a spin-off series of The Yorkshire Vet, which is set to air later this year. The spin-off, The Yorkshire Vet: At Home with the Greens, will follow Mr and Mrs Green as they reflect on their lives together and make new memories on their farm.

The Yorkshire Vet Team

There are two primary vets on The Yorkshire Vet: Julian Norton and Peter Wright. Although a professional and knowledgeable team supports them, these two vets have been on the show since the beginning.

Julian Norton

Julian Norton achieved his Veterinary Medicine degree at Cambridge University. He is currently a practising veterinary surgeon at Thirsk Vet Centre and Sandbeck Veterinary Centre after leaving Skeldale Veterinary Centre in 2018. His wife, Anne, is also a vet for the Thirsk practice.

He is also the author of six books, including Horses, Heifers and Hairy Pigs: The Life of a Yorkshire Vet, The Diary of a Yorkshire Vet, and A Yorkshire Vet: The Next Chapter.

Peter Wright

Peter Wright went to Liverpool University, graduating in 1981 with a degree in Veterinary Science. He worked in the Skeldale practice from 1982 to 2021 before moving to Grace Lane Vets to work part-time; the move is said to be related to the drop in dairy herds in Thirsk.

Who Narrates The Yorkshire Vet?

Christopher Timothy, from the original All Creatures Great and Small, has narrated the TV show since it first started in 2015. However, Peter Davison, who stars in the new adaptation of All Creatures Great and Small, briefly took over the role in 2020 when Christopher Timothy was isolating with his wife.

To Sum Up

The Yorkshire Vet has been on TV screens across the country since 2015, and it has brought a lot of joy to the viewers: watching vets perform miracles, seeing sick and injured animals gain total health again, and introducing loveable characters like the Greens.

The farming couple, Mr and Mrs Green, have become loved by fans of The Yorkshire Vet, and they are set to continue in their own TV show, The Yorkshire Vet: At Home with the Greens, at the end of 2023. Although both Steve and Jean are in their senior years, they do not appear to be slowing down on the farm any time soon.

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