The Incredible Dr Pol What Happened to Dr Pol's Wife

The Incredible Dr Pol: What Happened to Dr Pol’s Wife?

Although Dr Pol is the title character in this US reality TV series, it is very much a family affair. The show, first thought of by Dr Pol’s son, Charlies, features several members of the Pol clan, including Dr Pol’s wife, Diane. She has made over 200 appearances on the TV show since it first aired in 2011 and appears to support her family at every turn.

This infinite support has been essential for the family; there have been a few difficult moments in the past for Diane and the rest of the Pol family, although not all viewers of The Incredible Dr Pol will be aware. What happened to Dr Pol’s wife and their family will be explored in this article.

Quick Answer

Diane Pol and her family have suffered several tragedies in recent years. In 2016, her son-in-law, Gregory Butch, passed away from cancer, and then her grandson, Adam Butch, died suddenly in 2019. There have also been legal difficulties to face. Despite these hardships, Diane has forged on and supported her family.

Who is Diane Pol?

Diane Pol, formerly Diane K Dalrymple, is the wife of Dr Jan-Harm Pol, a veterinarian on the popular National Geographic TV show The Incredible Dr Pol. Although Jan Pol is the lead of the veterinary practice, Diane has worked behind the scenes to help him achieve his success.

What is Diane Pol’s Age?

Born on the 6th of February 1944 in Mayville, Michigan, Diane is currently 79 years old. She is two years younger than Dr Pol.

Diane Pol’s Education

Diane attended Mayville Community High School, where she was a junior when she first met her husband, who was a foreign exchange student from the Netherlands. She then went on to study at Michigan State University, graduating with a Master’s in Special Reading.

Diane Pol’s Career

In her early career, Diane worked as a teacher at Harbor Beach Elementary School. She continued this work before changing careers to support her husband’s work. This was until 1981, when the couple opened their own veterinary practice, Pol Veterinary Services, in Weidman, Michigan. Their clinic began at their home, focusing on the veterinary medicine of farm animals and pets.

Diane was in charge of the office work in the practice, becoming the office manager. Her role included billing clients, managing and ordering supplies, and scheduling appointments. As time went on and the practice grew, so did her job; Diane began to oversee the staff and everyday operations of the clinic. Pol Veterinary Services even established a larger practice on Jordan Rd, Weidman, where there are over 20,000 clients each year.

In her spare time, Diane also volunteered at the local library. She helped to promote education and literacy for children and adults – as well as being a television personality, of course.

Is Diane Pol a Veterinarian?

Although Diane has helped Dr Pol treat animals in the past, she is not a vet.

Do Diane and Dr Pol Have Children?

Dr Pol and Diane do not have biological children, but they do have three adopted children: a son, Charles Pol, and two daughters, Kathlene Butch (nee Pol) and Diane Louise Pol. Charles and Kathlene were adopted at birth. Diane Jr was the child of Diane Pol’s friend, who sadly passed away, and was reportedly fostered first at nine years old before being adopted at the age of 18.

Their son, Charles, is the reason The Incredible Dr Pol exists today. He came up with the idea of shooting a reality TV show about his dad’s work while working with some friends in LA. National Geographic TV later picked up this idea. He is now an executive producer on the show.

What Tragedies Has Diane’s Family Suffered?

Diane Pol’s family has had their fair share of difficulties since the TV show first aired, both in their personal and professional lives.

Personal Losses

On the 20th of February 2016, Diane Pol’s daughter, Kathlene, suffered the loss of her husband, Gregory “Greg” Butch. They had been married for 20 years and lived in Bay City with their two children. Greg had sadly fallen ill with cancer, which he battled for several years before his death at the age of 50.

Only three years later, in 2019, the Pol family suffered another loss; Kathlene’s son, Adam James Butch, died suddenly on the 18th of September. The family has not revealed Adam’s cause of death, but there have been rumours, and many people speculate that it was linked to mental health.

There have been other deaths in the family, including Diane Jr’s biological mother, one of Dr Pol’s brothers, and Dr Pol’s brother-in-law.

What Happened to Kathlene?

Even though Kathlene has dealt with two losses in her immediate family, she has moved forward in life with her daughter. She has continued working as a phlebotomist in McLaren Bay Region.

It has also been reported that she has found happiness again and is currently in a romantic relationship with a man named Thomas Rakowski.

Professional Difficulties

Not only has Diane had several losses in her personal life, but her husband has also been involved in multiple legal battles. As some people believe his practices are outdated, Dr Pol has been accused of negligence and incompetence in several situations.

In 2012, the vet was fined $500 and put on a one-year probation for an incident two years prior when he failed to read a canine ultrasound correctly. He had claimed to see movement on the ultrasound when the puppies were already dead. Dr Pol also had a complaint filed against him by another vet in 2014 as he didn’t wear sterile surgical attire when performing surgery on a dog that had been hit by a vehicle; however, the findings of negligence and incompetence here were overturned.

There were also incidents in 2013 and 2015.

To Sum Up

Diane Pol is much more than just the wife of the Incredible Dr Pol; as a wife, mother, and grandmother, she seems to be the pillar of support for her family, which makes her quite incredible herself. After losing both Greg and Adam Butch and watching Dr Pol going through battles in the courts, she has continued on and stood by her family.

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